Consolidating OpenStack themes across sites

Consolidating OpenStack themes across sites

Problem description

When a reader comes to a page on, they may see one of two themes styling the page: either oslosphinxtheme or openstackdocstheme. By having two themes for a single subdomain, we do not provide a consistent experience for visitors to the site. The navigation provided on the top and side of each page varies with these two themes, and now that there is a new logo for OpenStack itself, we would like to consolidate both themes into one theme, openstackdocstheme.

Also, from a maintenance standpoint, by continuing to support two themes, we must maintain and provide bug fixes for two Sphinx themes with limited web development resources.

Proposed change

Here’s an overview of all the tasks needed to use a single theme consistently across all documents built to

Theme work:

Update openstackdocs theme to match the logo used on

User interface changes that must be provided in openstackdocstheme that do not exist currently:

  • Provide the version number of the built documentation in the footer of the output. For example, “tempest 15.0.1.dev359 documentation” appears on each page of the Tempest documentation. Currently, openstackdocstheme provides the built date only, not the build version number.
  • New logo that matches current logo used on

User interface differences that will not be ported from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme:

  • Quick search form in bottom of left-hand navigation bar.
  • Previous topic and Next topic shown in left-hand navigation bar.
  • Return to project home page link in left-hand navigation bar.
  • Customized list of links in header. For example, the page at contains a custom header.
  • When a landing page like uses oslosphinx, the page should be redesigned with the new theme.

Configuration work:

Have all projects that build to the subdomain use the openstackdocstheme theme instead of oslosphinx theme. Basically, update all files for documentation pages to use openstackdocstheme.

Make sure that the bug configuration is correct so that when a reader clicks the “Log a bug” link in the built docs, the corresponding project’s bug logging location is opened.

Deprecate maintenance and use of the oslosphinx theme, addressing any unique needs met by that theme within the openstackdocstheme.

Maintenance or project work:

Move any bugs in the backlog for oslosphinx theme to the openstack-doc-tools bug queue at


Continue to use and maintain two themes, one for contributor documentation and one for consumer documentation.

Alter oslosphinx theme to style all content like openstackdocstheme, basically doing the opposite usage of themes proposed above. We could consider this approach if it turns out that more files use the oslosphinx theme.



Work Items

Communicate this spec to project teams.

Identify an Oslo liaison to help with any dependencies on reviews.

Ensure that the list of “lost” interface items is acceptable and that the list itself is complete. If not, this spec and list should be modified.

Theme work listed above.

Configuration work listed above.

Maintenance work listed above.


Ensure other Oslo libraries do not have dependencies on the theme.


Test that translations continue to work when using the openstackdocstheme for all different types of content.

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