Better share glossary across repositories

Better share glossary across repositories

Problem description

The repositories security-doc, operations-guide, and openstack-manuals share the glossary. In the future the training-guides repository might use it as well. We should only maintain it in one place.

Also, translation should be only done in one place. Right now, translations happen in any of these repositories: In openstack-manuals using a separate POT file, in security-doc and operations-guide as part of the books.

Currently, the glossary is manually imported in the operations-guide and security-doc repositories when necessary. The operations-guide even contains a slightly different header than the version in the openstack-manuals repository.

The glossary terms must be available to maven at build time to ensure the links all work correctly.

Proposed change

We should continue to have a master source glossary.

The openstack-manuals repository should continue to be the master source.

Once a change to the glossary in the master source happens, it will be proposed to the other repositories via a Jenkins job.


  • Using a separate glossary repository and using git submodules in the other repositories. Our current gerrit setup does not allow git submodules, so this is not feasible with the current infrastructure.
  • Another option would be to checkout the repository containing the glossary and its translation at a well-known location at build time. This option requires that every contributor needs to have the glossary locally when building locally, which is likely too much to ask of contributors.
  • Another alternative may be to create a new openstack/glossary repository and always copy from there, rather than having openstack/openstack-manuals/doc/glossary be the storing place. Raising the level to a repo may help get more contributions to the glossary.



Andreas Jaeger (jaegerandi)

Work Items

  • Move files as needed.
  • Test solution manually for Security Guide and Operations Guide.
  • Change build jobs as needed.




Current build of complete glossary:

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