Improve the Operations Guide

Improve the Operations Guide

Reorganize and update the Operations Guide.

Problem description

The Operations Guide has become outdated over time, with identified gaps in content.

Proposed change

Based on doc sessions at the Mitaka summit, reorganize and update the guide to improve usability and accessibility of information.


Leave the guide as it is.



Primary assignee:

  • shilla-saebi

Other contributors:

  • Ops Guide specialty team

Work Items

  • Reach a consensus on the information architecture
  • Rework the abstract to clearly identify the audience and purpose of the book
  • Move content to improve information architecture
  • Identify information gaps and submit and fix bugs


This work is dependent on the guide being converted from DocBook to RST. See Operations Guide: RST conversion.


Testing will follow the standard documentation review process.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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