Publishing of draft manuals

Publishing of draft manuals

Problem description

Currently, the following guides are not published at all from the master branch of the git repository:

  • Networking Guide
  • Install Guide
  • RST User Guides (will change while we discuss this spec)

This makes it difficult for contributors to review current status.

We publish the Configuration reference to .

We also have a trunk index page that speaks about “Draft” guides but references also continuous publishing guides which might confuse users.

Another challenge is drafts of translated guides. Currently we do not differentiate between fully translated guides and drafts, the only difference is a link in the index page.

Proposed change

  1. Publish draft content to a special location like /draft/.
  2. Create a single page that references all draft documents and only those, this page should be hidden. The page is /draft/draft-index.html
  3. Remove the current /trunk/index.html page and links to it.
  4. Take care that search machines do not index these pages.
  5. Ensure that any partial translated pages do not publish to /lang/trunk/ but instead to /lang/draft.

For translated content:

  1. Publish draft translated content to /draft/LANG/.
  2. Add the guides to /draft/draft-index.html index page.
  3. Once guides are reviewed and fully translated , move the content to /LANG/ and reference it from a public language specific index page.


  1. Keep status quo
  2. Publish to another location like /trunk/.


  • Change location of publishing.
  • Remove /trunk/index.html and links to it.
  • Add /draft/ to robots.txt.
  • Create new /draft/draft-index.html page.
  • Review translated documents and publish draft translated documents to /draft/LANG/ and add links to /draft/draft-index.html.
  • Remove old pages.
  • Regenerate sitemap.



Work Items

See implementation.




  • Test by going to /trunk and making sure redirect is in place.
  • Search for draft content to make sure it’s not found.
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