Architecture Design Guide Improvements

Architecture Design Guide Improvements

Review, edit, and reorganize the Architecture Design Guide.

Problem description

The Architecture Design Guide has not been thoroughly reviewed since its creation. This has led to the following issues:

  • language and syntax not in accordance with our conventions
  • improvable information architecture
  • duplication of content

Proposed change

  • Reorganize guides to improve presentation of existing content
  • Clean up existing content where necessary and remove duplication
  • Identify information gaps and raise bugs where necessary

This work is a precursor to converting this guide from Docbook XML to RST in a future release.


  • Leave the guide as it is
  • raise bugs against each individual section that requires improvement



Primary assignee:
Brian Moss (bmoss)
Other contributors:
Documentation Swarm attendees

Work Items

The bulk of this work is expected to be completed at the upcoming documentation swarm taking place in Brisbane AU on August 13-14. See References.

  • Rework the abstract to clearly identify the audience and purpose of the book
  • Reduce duplication in the guide as much as possible.
  • Edit for consistency and adherence to our conventions
  • Move sections as required to improve information architecture




Standard documentation review process.

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