Installation Guide: General changes for Mitaka

Installation Guide: General changes for Mitaka

Discuss and track general changes to content for existing services in the Mitaka release.

Problem description

Prior to the Mitaka release, accomplish the following tasks for the Installation Guide:

  • Changes to existing distributions
  • Changes to existing OpenStack service or system dependencies
  • Addition of new distributions (requires separate spec)
  • Addition of new services (requires separate spec)
  • Complete testing on all distributions

Proposed change

  1. Update content using a combination of the configuration reference and distribution packages as they become available for Mitaka.
  2. Remove defunct Debian content due to persistent lack of maintenance over many releases.
  3. As time and resources permit, implement the following optional enhancements:
    • Replace conventional clients with the openstack client.





Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
berendt dguitarbite

Work items


  • None unless OpenStack services dictate it.


  • Update configuration items using a combination of release notes, configuration reference, sample configuration files, and gate job configuration.


  • Perform sufficient testing on all distributions and track progress.


Mitaka milestone or RC packages for each distribution supported by the Installation Guide.


  • All distributions supported by the Installation Guide must complete testing of at least core services (Identity, Image Service, Compute, and Networking) and successfully launch an instance using both provider and conventional (tenant/external) network paths prior to release of Mitaka. Additional services such as Block Storage and Object Storage also require sufficient testing, but can wait until the documentation team tags the official stable/mitaka release due to additional resource requirements. The documentation team may decide to temporarily disable publication of the installation guide for distributions that do not meet these criteria.


  • Discussion can occur using any official medium including IRC in #openstack-doc, the openstack-docs mailing list with [install-guide] in the subject, weekly Installation Guide specialty team meeting, and weekly documentation team meeting. Also recommend using the etherpad to discuss potential changes before writing patches.
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