Color support for osbash

Color support for osbash

Color variation to highlight messages and enhance readability while running osbash scripts. Make this color variation compatible on most operating systems - linux, OS X mainly.


  • Enhances Readability
  • Easier to debug
  • Better understanding of sequence of events while running the scripts
  • Adds color code to different types of messages eg. error, warning messages
  • Adds to the aesthetics when running scripts

Problem description

A detailed description of the problem:

  • Current scripts are mono-colored and do not provide sufficient readability
  • Assigning different colors for different types of messages will
    • improve readability while running scripts
    • highlights the problems
    • easier debugging
    • help track the sequence of events
  • Assigning background color to console while script execution will
    • provide uniform appearance across all consoles
    • uniform color contrast
  • Support will be provided for most operating systems that run osbash (linux, OS X)
  • Target audience will be deployers

Proposed change

  • Implementing a colorizer for osbash scripts
  • Making it compatible across linux and OS X
  • Having an option to change background color


Running the existing scripts which have a mono-colored output


  • Does not highlight different types of messages which help make the running scripts more readable and easier to debug
  • Difficult to follow the sequence of events while the script runs



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Other contributors:

Work Items

  • Devise color code for different type of messages and background
  • Color code for background to be made optional
  • Implement colorizer to assign these colors
  • Make compatible across linux, windows and OS X




Run the scripts to check if the colorizer assigns the designated colors to the output of the script.



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