Add Shared File Systems (manila) to the Config Reference

Add Shared File Systems (manila) to the Config Reference

Launchpad blueprint:

Shared File Systems (manila) should be added to the Config Ref similar to Block Storage (cinder).

Problem description

Shared File Systems (manila) is not currently included in the Configuration Reference. The documentation is currently kept in-tree in the manila devref. Administrators using Block Storage, Object Storage, and Shared File Systems would expect to find a similar reference for all three projects in the Configuration Reference. The automated configuration doc tools should be leveraged.

Proposed change

The content would be similar to Block Storage in that it would have sections to describe introduction, drivers, log files, and options. The drivers section, however, would use shorter more stable descriptions of drivers and use links to vendor web sites and in-tree vendor docs.

Automatically generated configuration tables should be used where possible.


The amount of vendor driver documentation that should be included in the Configuration Reference is up for discussion. The current direction suggests using links to other docs for things that change from release to release. For Shared File Systems, we could use links to the existing devref. The devref is easy for developers to maintain in-tree. So, that is good for technical details. Unfortunately the reading experience will suffer if we don’t keep “the right amount” of information in the Configuration Reference. So we’ll need to work on finding that right amount.



Primary assignee:
Mark Sturdevant (mark-sturdevant)
Other contributors:
Existing vendor docs from manila in-tree devref.

Work Items

  • shared-file-systems chapter
  • Generated configuration file tables


  • Manila is near RC1, so functionality is frozen.
  • Manila devref documentation for Liberty is not final. Some vendors should be improving their documentation while this is in progress. Some pages may need a re-sync once we get a base Config Ref – or we could use separate commits for each vendor to try to capture all their Liberty updates in each first commit.


Review by the manila core team and contributors.

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