Networking Guide: Open Virtual Network (OVN)

Networking Guide: Open Virtual Network (OVN)

Add OVN content to the networking guide in coordination with the development process.

Problem description

OVN requires sufficient documentation that appeals to potential deployers when or before it becomes part of an Open vSwitch release during the Mitaka development cycle or after release.

Proposed change

Develop the following OVN content:

  • Introduction including comparison to existing virtual networking architectures.
  • Architecture including components, control plane flow, data plane flow, etc.
  • One or more realistic deployment scenarios including step-by-step instructions for networking service components.
  • Optionally, migration from other architectures such as conventional Open vSwitch and agents.

All content may contain links to external documentation for general information rather than duplicating it.


Do not develop OVN documentation that appeals to potential deployers.



Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
emagana russellb mestery

Work Items


  • Sufficient progress in OVN development.
  • Suitable environment for building and validating deployment scenarios.


  • Validate deployment scenarios.


  • Discussion can occur using any official medium including IRC in #openstack-doc, #openstack-neutron, #openstack-neutron-ovn, the openstack-docs mailing list, weekly documentation team meeting, weekly neutron team meeting, weekly OVN meeting on Thursdays at 13:15 US eastern time in #openvswitch, and potentially etherpads.
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