Networking Guide

Networking Guide

Problem description

Since the Havana release, OpenStack has not had a single guide devoted to understanding and deploying OpenStack Networking. There is some information in other guides, particularly the Cloud Administrators Guide, but no single guide that discusses different networking scenarios and solutions.

Proposed change

We should create a Networking Guide, following roughly the outline here:

Additionally, a Troubleshooting chapter may be included, subject to time constraints.

The target audience for this information is cloud administrators who have experience with OpenStack administration and general system administration, but who may not be especially knowledgeable about networking concepts.

This document is targeted for the Juno release. It is explicitly documenting current best practices for OpenStack Networking (neutron). It will not document any plug-ins or setups that are deprecated in Juno.

Though the instructions in the guide are for neutron, the introduction should contain a brief discussion on the different options available, including nova-network, what this guide focuses on, and why one would choose those options.

The base architecture uses three nodes: a controller and compute nodes as set up in the Install Guide, plus a network node to run Neutron agents. This is the same architecture used in the Cloud Administrators Guide:

It will use the same conventions for naming and services as the Install Guide, many of which are covered on the wiki:

Network types to be covered: * Local * VLAN * GRE * VXLAN

Mechanisms to be covered: * Linux Bridge * OVS * Open Daylight * L2 Population * Proprietary (depending on time constraints)

All instructions will use the ML2 plug-in for mechanism drivers. Deprecated plug-ins (for example, for OVS or Linux Bridge) will not be discussed.

Timeline and Events: * docs swarm (2014-08-09) * ops meetup (upcoming) * bug squash day (upcoming)


  • Adding more information on networking to guides such as the Cloud Administrators Guide, Operators Guide, and Install Guide. These documents already contain some networking information. However, for them to cover the full breadth of what’s proposed could add significant bulk to each.


The Networking Guide will live alongside other guides in the openstack-manuals repository. There is already some stub content.


Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
nickchase phil-hopkins-a ionosphere80 emagana loquacity

Work Items

  • Stub out outline of sections and information to be included.
  • Determine whether content already exists, and whether it can be included or whether it needs to be copied in and edited.
  • Have multiple contributors write sections with help from SMEs.
  • Review contributions, prioritize content, and possibly prune for release.


Need reviewers from Neutron


  • Have SMEs review all conceptual information for accuracy.
  • Manually test all instructions to ensure they work.



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