Operations Guide: Reference project upgrade notes

Operations Guide: Reference project upgrade notes


Problem description

Service upgrade notes located in project repositories require greater visibility for operators.

Proposed change

Several project teams have produced upgrade notes in the developer documentation that are beneficial to operators:

Due to a short development cycle for Ocata, the interim solution is to provide links to this information in the Operations Guide to improve visibility for operators. Links to other service upgrade notes will be added as they become available.

There is a growing need to provide a project-based upgrade guide. During Ocata development cycle, this can be discussed further, and give the opportunity for other core project teams to discuss and document upgrade strategies. Then potentially scope and plan a guide at the OpenStack Project Technical Group meeting for the Pike release.


  • Leave as is.



Primary assignee:

  • dazzachan

Other contributors:

  • shilla-saebi
  • alexandra-settle

Work items

  • Add links to keystone, nova, cinder, and neutron upgrade notes.
  • Add links to other service upgrade notes when they become available.
  • Update or remove outdated information in the Upgrades chapter.
  • Liaise with SMEs to review content.


  • Swift and glance project teams providing upgrade notes during the Ocata development cycle.


Testing will follow the standard documentation review process.


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