Add trove to the installation guide

Add trove to the installation guide

Add trove to the installation guide.

Problem description

The installation guide does not include trove, but trove packages are available in the distros’ repositories. Essential documents also already support trove:

Proposed change

Add the following trove content to the installation guide:


Working OpenStack environment with at least Compute, Image Service, Identity.

  • Backup and restore, add Object Storage.
  • Provision datastores on block-storage volumes, add Block Storage.


Install required packages.

Source and create trove user.

Set OpenStack service URLs and RabbitMQ values in trove.conf, trove-taskmanager.conf, and trove-conductor.conf.

Set correct api-paste.ini file values for auth_uri, identity_uri, admin_user, admin_password, admin_tenant_name, signing_dir.

Edit trove.conf for default datastore, network label, regex, and API information.

Edit trove-taskmanager.conf to connect to the OpenStack Compute service.

Prepare the trove admin database.

Initialize database and create datastore.

Create a trove image.

Update the datastore to use the new image.

Register trove with keystone.

To deal with Ubuntu package bug - change the service startup scripts to use the correct conf files.

Start or restart (depending on env) trove services.





Primary assignee:
Laurel Michaels

Work Items



Mitaka milestone or RC packages for each distribution supported by the Installation Guide.


Validate trove deployment on all distributions supported by the installation guide.



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