Audio Visual training videos

Audio Visual training videos

To increase the impact of the training guides, videos will be added to the training guides. These videos will try to cover major OpenStack deployments and installation of OpenStack modules so that the trainees do not get stuck.

Link to training-guides YouTube channel:

Problem description

A detailed description of the problem:

  • Target audience will be trainees, deployers and students
  • Complements the documents
  • Clears any ambiguity present in the documents by providing actual demonstration

Proposed change

  • Priority of creation of videos would vary as per needs and demands from the trainees.
  • Main focus would be on covering the major deployments with respect to the developers guide, associate guide, operator guide and architect guides.
  • Scope of the content covered by the videos would span over the content of the training-guides.
  • Videos will be made as modular as possible to make them reusable.
  • If the license permits, content from summit videos can be edited to be used for audio-visual content.





Primary assignee:
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • List videos by priority, to be made for kilo
  • Write scripts for the videos to be made(Done on etherpad)
  • Scripts will be reviewed by team
  • After approval, videos will be created
  • Videos will be hosted on the training-guides channel on YouTube





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