Installation Guide - Changes for Kilo

Installation Guide - Changes for Kilo

Implement mandatory changes and optional enhancements to the Installation Guide for Kilo.

Problem description

The installation guide requires certain changes to make it work for the Kilo release of OpenStack.

Proposed change

  • Implement mandatory changes and potentially one or more optional enhancements.





Primary assignee:
Matt Kassawara (ionosphere80)
Other contributors:
Anyone with installation experience

Work Items

  • Mandatory changes
    • Overall
      • As necessary, make changes to successfully install OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 7, CentOS 7, Fedora 21, SLES 12, and openSUSE 13.2 using native methods.
      • For RabbitMQ, create and use “openstack” account instead of the guest account.
      • As necessary, note that stock configuration files might require adding configuration stanzas/options rather than editing them.
      • As necessary, change any defaults in stock configuration files that generate deprecation warnings.
      • As necessary, replace “tenant” with “project” to align with Identity v3 API terminology.
      • As necessary, replace “message broker” with “message queue” to improve wording.
    • Identity
      • Enable version 3 API.
      • Replace deprecated eventlet (default web server) with Apache using configuration in upstream keystone repository.
      • Replace SQL token storage driver with Memcached to improve performance.
      • Replace deprecated python-keystoneclient commands with python-openstackclient commands.
    • Image Service
      • Enable version 2 API.
    • Block Storage
      • Replace deprecated v1 API with v2 API.
  • Optional changes
    • Overall
      • Where available, use the /etc/mysql/conf.d directory for additional database configuration.
      • Install upstream RabbitMQ package if distribution includes an old version.
      • Replace python-serviceclient commands with generic python-openstackclient commands.
    • Networking
      • Standardize location for Open vSwitch agent configuration.
      • Add content for Linux Bridge agent.
    • Object Storage
      • Add content for standalone (keystone + swift) deployment.

Note: To simplify patches and shrink the review cycle, patches can address one distribution rather than all distributions. Use separate patches to address the same content for additional distributions. Reviewers should take this into account so that one distribution can complete patches, tests, and publication independent of other distributions.


  • Kilo milestone or RC packages for each distribution supported by the installation guide.


  • All distributions supported by the installation guide must complete testing of at least core services (Identity, Image Service, Compute, and Networking) and successfully launch an instance using both legacy networking (nova-network) and Networking (neutron). Distributions that do not meet these criteria risk temporary removal from publication.


  • Discussion can occur using any official medium including IRC in #openstack-doc, the openstack-docs mailing list with [install-guide] in the subject, weekly installation guide specialty team meeting, weekly documentation team meeting, and potentially etherpads.
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