Migration to New Web Design

Migration to New Web Design


The documentation team has reviewed and vetted a new web design. Here are the example pages:

This blueprint describes the steps required to implement this new web design.

Problem description

In brief, we have design problems that are addressed with the new design. The problem to solve is how to get many documents to use the new design.

A related relevant document is the Docs.OpenStack.org Redesign Project Brief which describes the many problems with the current design.

The problem to solve with this blueprint specifically is getting the design into Sphinx/jinja templates for use with RST source, as well as getting RST source files from certain DocBook source files.

This is a phased approach to try to get many but not all docs migrated in the Kilo release time frame.

Proposed change

In the Kilo time frame, migrate these books to the new design:

  • End User Guide
  • Admin User Guide

As time permits, continue to migrate these books to the new design:

  • Cloud Administrator Guide
  • High Availability Guide
  • API Quick Start Guide
  • Virtual Machine Image Guide

To limit the scope of the migration, these books will not be migrated:

  • Install Guides
  • Operations Guide
  • Security Guide
  • Architecture Design Guide

These deliverables will remain in DocBook and use the Maven plugin for builds for the Kilo release.


Rather than use RST/Sphinx for the new design, we could migrate to markdown/Jekyll which is what the prototype design is already using. The OpenStack ecosystem currently supports Python systems like Sphinx and oslosphinx is available with a theme already.

We could get rid of DocBook completely for all books rather than the phased approach. I don’t think that we have the time to do that in a six-month release, so I’m proposing a phased approach.



Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
jagerandi loquacities klevenstein dhellman

Work Items


January 2015 - Investigate how to publish PDF files within this new design. - Investigate using index.rst collections across repos for new deliverable assembly. This is not a required task for the migration, but will certainly help with information architecture going forward towards “every page is page one” rather than book-like deliverables. (jaegerandi)


January: Create a taxonomy for suggested tags as part of the Conventions wiki page (klevenstein, loquacities)

DONE January 15, 2015: Create jinja2 templates from Jekyll designs for:

  • landing page and search (fifieldt)

DONE February 20, 2015: Create Sphinx template from Jekyll design for:

  • content pages (annegentle)

DONE February: Replace static www jinja templates in openstack-manuals with new design

Proof of concept with content:

February 15, 2015: Migrate DocBook to RST for these books in this priority order:

  • End User Guide
  • Admin User Guide

Tracking on wiki page: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Migrate

February 28, 2015: Update our build infrastructure so that Sphinx is used for publishing these documents:

  • End User Guide
  • Admin User Guide

February 20, 2015: Test templates across browsers to ensure parity with design:

  • Chrome on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac, Windows
  • Firefox on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac, Windows

March 2015: Test translation toolchain. Ying Chun Guo (Daisy) has agreed to investigate.

DONE February 15, 2015: Update oslosphinx to have new openstackdocs theme: Currently the theme name is “openstack.” Reviewing the plan with Doug Hellman, we can either keep the openstack theme and start one named “openstackdocs” or update the openstack theme to be the new design. I prefer to name a new one “openstackdocs” so that the current openstack theme which can indicate when a project’s doc is incubated remains.

DONE Updated to add: looking at the information architecture of the header, it looks like it’s best to have an openstack docs theme that doesn’t necessarily live in oslosphinx. Oslosphinx is used for http://specs.openstack.org, http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config, http://governance.openstack.org for example, and http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config has modified the header so that it wouldn’t match the other sites. As a result, the plan is to keep the oslosphinx theme with oslosphinx and create a theme in a separate repo named openstackdocsthemes for application to all content published to http://docs.openstack.org.

March (after proof-of-concept and CI is complete): Migrate DocBook to RST for these books in this priority order:

  • Cloud Administrator Guide
  • Virtual Machine Image Guide
  • High Availability Guide
  • API Quick Start Guide

March: Once migrated, apply new openstackdocstheme template to these repos and deliverables:


  • End User Guide
  • Admin User Guide
  • Cloud Administrator Guide
  • Virtual Machine Image Guide


  • API Quick Start Guide


  • High Availability Guide

March: Remind projects to update their theme for /developer/ docs for:

  • nova
  • neutron
  • glance
  • keystone
  • ceilometer
  • cinder
  • heat
  • horizon
  • ironic
  • sahara
  • swift
  • trove


Foundation web developers hand-off of current design HTML and CSS files. (Done)

Core olsosphinx reviewers helping with theme creation and reviews. (Done)

Translation team investigate and test translation toolchain.


We need to test the new HTML design on these browsers/operating systems as a priority:

  • Chrome on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac, Windows
  • Firefox on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac, Windows

Need to test translation toolchain.

Need to test PDF output if it’s possible to get.

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