Distributed Admin Guides

Distributed Admin Guides

The growth of the number of OpenStack projects that are administered by an operator base continues to grow. With growth and resource sharing in mind, we want to ensure that the quality of an OpenStack administrator guide remains high. To meet this goal, we think it’s best to distribute the maintenance of the source doc files within the project team’s repositories.

This specification proposes allowing project teams to manage their administrator guide content similar to how the api-ref and installation guides are being managed.

Problem description

Currently there are over sixty approved OpenStack projects. It is unreasonable to expect the documentation team to maintain the administrator guide for all of these projects. We need to optimize the usage of the documentation teams resources.

Currently the administrator guide is in a separate git repository from the code and patches being proposed. This leads to an “out of site, out of mind” scenario where updates to the administrator guide are an afterthought if they get updated at all.

Proposed change

This specification proposes managing the administrator guide similar to the installation guide, where the administrator guide contents are stored in the project repository and are directly managed by the project team. The documentation team can continue to provide an editorial role for the contents of the administrator guide by posting patches to the guide contents in the project repositories. This would allow for the continued consistent quality and voice of the guide.

Existing administrator guide content would be migrated to the designated project repositories. Project teams can decide which repository is appropriate for the content, for example neutron may choose openstack/neutron-lib. Inside these repositories the administrator guide content will be stored in a well known and consistent location: admin-guide/source. The current administrator guide is already laid out by service/project so this proposal should have minimal impact to the look and feel of the guide.

Ownership of the project specific administrator guides is with the respective project team, not the documentation team. This means the content is in an existing or new repository owned by the project team, reviews will be done by the project team, and bug reports will go in the bug queue of the project.

The documentation team enables the project team to write the project specific guides with mentoring, setting up needed infrastructure, writing guidelines, provision of a template (“cookie cutter”), and providing a working base administrator guide that the project specific guides can use as reference.

The documentation team will select a list of priority projects for the release series that will get a full review and scrub of the administrator guide contents for those selected projects. This is similar to how the i18n team prioritizes projects for localization.

To publish the project’s administrator guide, the project will implement a tox target to build the guide, similar to the one created for the installation guides (see References). A gate job template ‘admin-guide-jobs’ will be added to the project including the service name. This will cause the administration guide to be published when updates are merged.

This publication mechanism should be similar that of the installation guide.

The administrator guide should be structured:

 Administrator Guides

 Compute service (nova)

 The Compute service ...

 Installation is documented at

 Loadbalancer service (octavia)

 The Loadbalancer service ...

 Installation is documented at

 * System architecture
 * Images and instances

One difference with the administrator guide from the installation guide is that all of the administrator guides are listed on one page. This makes it easier for users to find any of the official OpenStack project administrator guides.

With this change the administrator guide will now be versioned by release to allow version specific content. This will be handled the same way the installation guide is versioned. Administrator guides built from master will be published to “draft” while stable branches will publish to the respective release directory.

The master branch of octavia would publish to:

The stable/pike branch of octavia would publish to:


  1. Do nothing and attempt to maintain a centralized documentation repository.
  2. Create a documentation repository for each project with shared core status.
  3. Follow the proposed changes, but allow the documentation team core status.



Alexandra Settle (asettle) Joseph Robinson (jrobinson) Michael Johnson (johnsom) Ildiko Vancsa (ildikov) Brian Moss (Docs tools) Entire documentation team

Work Items

  • Setup a wiki page to track the transition.
  • Setup cookiecutter for the administrator guide.
  • Encourage the project teams to move existing content to project team repositories.
  • Update the master index file to reflect the new structure.
  • Write a base administrator guide.
  • Setup gate jobs to publish the administrator guide on patch merge.
  • Update the Documentation Contributor Guide to include the required steps to setup a project administrator guide.
  • Notify project teams when this method of publishing the project specific administrator guide is available.



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