User Guides Reorganization for Mitaka

User Guides Reorganization for Mitaka

Edit Cloud Administrator Guide, Admin User Guide, and the End User Guide to ensure the content supports administrators, end users, and cloud administrators.

Problem description

Having converted these guides to RST during the Liberty cycle, we can now reorganize their content to improve consistency and reduce duplicated content.

Assess relevance and accuracy of the current content and improve links between guides for similar tasks and concepts.

Proposed change

  1. Edit content for stylistic inconsistency and content accuracy:
  • Clean up existing content with grammar checks, use of definite articles, and verb subject agreement.
  • Address consistency of tables across the guides - adjust to a variable list with bold headings, or a table with :code-block: roles inside cells to highlight commands.
  • Reorganize troubleshooting sections into a single format - change the Troubleshooting sections to use a “Problem” and “Solution” format used in the Block Storage Chapter.
  1. Clarify the audience of each guide using a user task matrix and results from the OpenStack foundation administrator survey. Reorganize content appropriately.
  2. Restructure the guides by merging content from the Administrator User Guide into the Cloud Administrator Guide. Remove the Administrator User Guide from openstack-manuals.
  3. Rename the Cloud Administrator guide after merging content. Change the document title to Administrator Guide.
  4. Remove the Python SDK source files from openstack-manuals, move the files to the api-site, and publish to The current published files are at and the source is at*.rst


  1. Implement only the first and second proposed changes, keeping three separate guides.
  2. Implement only the first proposed change, editing the content as described.
  3. Make no changes, and leave the guides as they are.



Joseph Robinson(joseph-r-email)

Brian Moss(kallimachos)

Other Contributors

The User Guide Team, and anyone willing to test procedures for accuracy or proofread the guides.

Contact team leads not currently listed in the guides for discussion on what tasks and actions are most useful and needed for an Administrator Guide, and confirm glossary items: Designate, CloudKitty, Magnum, and Zaqar.

Work Items

Work items are broken down by chapters from the Cloud Admin Guide.

Identity Management

  • User CRUD: include information and a brief procedure on how to do this in the ADMIN USER Guide.
  • Start the identity Service: Move this content into another section to reduce the number of files in the repository.
  • External authentication with Identity: Another smaller section in the identity service that can merge.


  • Check Liberty Dashboard updates and changes.


  • AMPQ: introductory colons to introduce a list. Capitalize abbreviations in brackets - change (ampq) to (AMPQ).
  • Hypervisors: Reorganize and link to the Admin User Guide. Include a section on how to use a hypervisor.
  • Tenants, users, roles: remove passive voice. Link to the “How Can I Use The Cloud?” section of the End User Guide Admin User Guide - Create and manage roles - reorganize this content to align with the Cloud Admin Guide content.

EC2 compatibility

  • Remove passive voice.
  • Compare this section with the liberty installation guide.

Building Blocks

  • Introduction: Clarify what base operating system is referred to here. Check content for accuracy.
  • The nova image-list command. Link together the content on the nova command line client with the End User Guide here.

Images and Instances

  • Align the introduction with the End User Guide.
  • Align the Launching instances and the Adding and removing resources section with the Admin User Guide.
  • “This diagram shows the system state prior to launching an instances” Describe the parts of the diagram. The paragraph is not clear. Extend to the modifications to the other diagrams.

Networking with nova-network

  • Improving troubleshooting sections, as identified by recent research into user nova-network to neutron adoption and migration.
  • The Cloud Admin Guide references floating IP addresses, which users can change. The User Guide section on Networking will need reorganization to line up with this content. Information on how to assign IP addresses to VM’s also needs testing.
  • VLAN Network Manager: Check paragraph indentation.
  • nova network-create vmnet: Address table consistency across guides.
  • Configure Compute to use IPv6 addresses: Address table consistency across guides.


  • Liberty to Mitaka-metadata services now include ‘project_id’ according to release notes.
  • Metadata needs an SME check for currency. (Andrew Bogott, John Garbutt, Matthiew Gagne)
  • Description of metadata config options table: Address table consistency across guides.


  • Flavors define these elements table: Address tables consistency across guides. (Bold headings with sentences here).
  • Are the tables in the Admin User Guide on setting flavors effective?
  • Show Host Usage Statistics: Host usage statistics description, and change to bold headings.

Secure with Rootwrap

  • Configuration option [Default]: SME to check, and change to better format. Might need a code snippet
  • Migrate Instances: These tables were code snippets. Can they be replaced with images or appropriate code snippets?
  • VNC configurations options: Include a descriptions of VNC configuration options
  • Frequently Asked Questions: An FAQ in the guide clashes with the other information.
  • Information Architecture checkup needed here to rework this information.
  • Security Hardening: Improve the OpenStack with Trusted Compute Pools Second diagram. a new diagram needs headings, and consistency with the other diagrams.
  • Recover Cloud After disaster: Test or have SME check on this procedure.

Object Storage

  • User Guide: The Create and manage object containers section needs content from the introduction to the Object Storage section of the Cloud Admin. “…Object Storage (code-named swift is open source software for creating redundant, scalable data storage using clusters…”
  • Object Storage Characteristics - Does not mention containers, but the User Guide mentions this term. Edit for Consistency.
  • Components: Edit passive voice usage, and adjust the opening sentence introducing the components. Move the descriptive opening sentence to the introduction, and into the Admin User Guide section on Object Storage.
  • Rings: Underneath the Ring diagram, edit these sentences for a comma splice.
  • Zones: Mentions the high availability plus other components already mentioned in the Components section. So, Components description is not needed. Edit for repetition.
  • Partitions: Edit for punctuation - Comma Splice
  • Change the Cluster Architecture and Ring Builder Sections within the Block storage chapter.
  • Account Reaper: “In the background, the account reaper removes data from deleted accounts…” Edit the syntax here.
  • Object Storage Monitoring - Excerpt from a blog. Keep or remove? This section also needs a syntax review.

Block Storage

  • Block Storage: persistent storage needs to be mentioned earlier and more clearly in this introduction.
  • Migrate volumes: These commands could appear in the End User Guide
  • Block Storage command line list: “cinder-manager host lists”, “cinder get-pools” Adapt for the Admin User Guide.
  • Back up and Restore volumes: Is this procedure a cloud admin procedure, or can the basic information be adapted to the Admin User Guide? Requires role clarification.
  • Clarify if the Transfer a volume section in the Admin User Guide is similar to the Export and import backup metadata procedure in the Cloud Admin Guide.
  • Configure and use volume number weigher: This procedure references cinder commands described in the End User guide and Cloud Admin Guides. Reorganize this content.
  • Supported Operations in filter and goodness functions: Remove passive voice in the Caution note.
  • Rate-limit volume copy Bandwidth: Reorganize the guide such that this content appears closer to the information on moving and migrating block storage volumes (“volume_copy_bps_limit”).
  • Image volume cache: Remove passive voice.
  • Get capabilities: This section describes actions an administrator can take with an API, capability investigation. Reorganize this information with the Admin User Guide.
  • Multipath call failed exit: This Troubleshooting section recruits a Problem and Solution heading architecture useful for the other Troubleshooting sections of the Cloud Admin Guide.

Shared File System

  • Key Concepts: Remove passive voice.
  • Share basic operations: ” General concepts ” edit or clarify this phrase.
  • Manila commands show, update, and delete options could appear in the Admin User Guide. Clarify Shared File System responsibilities.
  • Manage and unmanage share: Edit missing words in some sentences
  • Resize a share: Also missing words here.
  • Quotas and Limits: Edit verb subject agreement.
  • Share snapshots: Include the manila snapshot-create command listed in the Admin User Guide here.
  • Consistency group: Edit verb subject agreements (“admin to admins”).
  • Scheduling: Edit for article and definite articles.
  • Networking - Edit for missing words.
  • Share networks - Edit verb subject agreements


  • Plug-in configurations section: Document the most common ml2 plug-in configurations.
  • Reference network option plugins for ml2 content/networking-options-plugins-ml2.html. See
  • Use Networking section: Networking Tables need consistency with the other Cloud Admin Guide tables.
  • Networking Architecture: This section’s description of architecture would be better placed following the introduction.
  • Configuring Identity for Networking: A note about not using Nova-network with compute appears here, but needs to appear earlier - the introduction - as a warning for cloud administrators.


  • No recommended changes currently.


  • No recommended changes currently.


  • No recommended changes currently.


  • Data Retrieval: The code snippet tables need to fit the page.
  • Measurements: Confirm that no other measurement items are added from the Liberty release.


  • Orchestration Authorization Model: This section requires an edit for grammar.
  • Stack domain users: Grammar Edits also required for this section.
  • Cross-origin resource sharing: The sub-section “enabling CORS with configuration” needs an edit to change into a procedure rather than a list of items.

Cross-project features

  • No recommended changes currently

Redirects and Build Jobs

  • File redirects and performing build jobs as needed is also required.

Project Scope

  • OpenStack’s project navigator describes project maturity. Statistics listed on the Project Navigator page cover the project Age, adoption percentage, stable branch presence, corporate diversity, SDK support, and install guide content.
  • OpenStack projects with longevity, that comply with several of these statistics, include Nova, Neutron, Swift, Cinder, Keystone, Glance, Horizon, and Heat. The scope of this reorganization will improve content on these services accross the guide, but without large scale changes.
  • More recently developed project still seeking more maturity indicators, that may also be 3 or less years into their development, include Zaqar, Murano, Sahara, and Trove. Manila content requires attention, which is described in the Shared File System section under the Work Items heading. The scope of this reorganization extends to including content from these more recent projects. Introducing or improving new content from more recent projects is a large scale change for this reorganization.


  • None


  • Some testing required for networking, and core services on Devstack environments, and OpenStack test installations.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Except where otherwise noted, this document is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. See all OpenStack Legal Documents.