Publish stable release translation

Publish stable release translation

Add the feature of publication of translated documents for stable release.

Problem description

Currently, Some documents such as Installation Guide have versioned documents. On the other hand, Translation feature works on master branch only. So, I18n team can not publish the documents for stable release.

Proposed change

Change translation target from all documents to versioned documents on stable branch so that translation resources for only versioned documents are uploaded to Zanata. Also, execute translation related Jenkins jobs on stable branch. Translation target are:

  • Installation Guide for Liberty
  • common-rst


  • Don’t publish the translation guides for stable release.



Primary assignee:

  • KATO Tomoyuki (to222)

Work Items

  • Update the doc-tools-check-languages.conf file to change translation resources on stable branch.
  • Create branch on Zanata server for repositories.


The main dependency is on infrastructure updates.


Testing will follow the standard documentation and translation review processes.


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