User Guides Consistency Editing

User Guides Consistency Editing

Problem Description

After the docs changes and rebuilds during the Mitaka release cycle, several editing items that touched both the OpenStack Administrator and OpenStack User Guide remained. This spec makes these items a priority for Newton. It also introduces work items that have been raised on the docs mailing list or in reported bugs.

Proposed Change

Edit the tables and code snippets to ensure they appear consistent across the OpenStack Administrator Guide and the OpenStack User Guide.

Use the information on Personae in the OpenStack Contributor Guide to confirm that chapters in the Administrator Guide, and content appearing within chapters, is informative for the audience. Link together certain sections in the guides when appropriate: for example “For more information on Migrating Volumes, see the OpenStack User Guide”.

Make specific adjustments to the Information Architecture - where content appears in specific chapters:

  • Networking - Configuring Identity for Networking. Move the note earlier.
  • Block Storage - persistent storage needs to appear earlier.
  • Secure with Rootwrap - Move and rework the architecture of the FAQ section.

Plus, other sections as needed.

Include new diagrams for the security hardening content, specifically, improve the OpenStack with Trusted Compute Pools Second diagram. A new diagram needs headings and consistency with the other diagrams.

Replace the legacy client commands with up-to-date OpenStack CLI commands in all examples in the User Guide.


  • Complete the proposed changes as individual bugs instead of a blueprint.
  • Leave the guides as they are.



  • Joseph Robinson
  • Any Contributors associated with the User Guide, or interested in contributing to the User Guide Information Architecture.

Work items

Chapters and edits proposed:

Administrator Guide

  • Telemetry - adjust code snippets.
  • Networking - Adjust tables in the Use Networking section.
  • Secure with Rootwrap - tables here were code snippets. Restore them or adapt the content.
  • Flavours - The tables in this section have bold headings. Adjust this design choice across the User Guides.
  • Nova Networking - The table Configure Compute to use IPv6 addresses needs consistency across the User Guides.
  • Block Storage - Migrate Volumes and Back up and Restore volumes need adjustments to their audience. Confirm they fit the audience, or adapt to fit into the User Guide. Connect nova-image list content to the User Guide. Move the persistent storage content earlier in the Back up and Restore volumes chapter. Move the Rate Limit content closer to the information on migrating Block Storage Volumes. Move the storage service quotas information.
  • Networking - Rework Networking tables for consistency. Adjust placement of admonitions, and Networking Architecture information.
  • Security - An improved security hardening for the Trusted Compute Pools section.

User Guide

  • Adapt the legacy command line client content, updating the examples to use the more recent OpenStack command line client.


This spec is intended as a work item for the Newton release, however with time and volunteer numbers, some of these items may not be completed in time for release.

The priority items that can most likely be completed are:

  • table consistency
  • diagram improvements
  • updates from legacy commands to the openstack client command.


Ensure the document builds with new tables and diagrams


Work on the User Guide update for the legacy command line clients has begun with the Use OpenStack command to replace other commands blueprint.

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