Add Messaging Service(zaqar) to the Config Reference

Add Messaging Service(zaqar) to the Config Reference

Launchpad blueprint:

Messaging service(zaqar) should be added to the Config Ref similar to the other OpenStack services.

Problem description

Messaging service(zaqar) is not currently included in the Configuration Reference. The related content is currently kept in-tree in the zaqar devref. Administrators using messaging service would expect to find a reference document from the official Configuration Reference. The automated configuration doc tools should be leveraged.

Proposed change

The content would be similar to the other services in that it would have sections to describe introduction, backends, log files, and options.

Automatically generated configuration tables should be used where possible.





Primary assignee:
Fei Long Wang (flwang)
Other contributors:
Existing docs from zaqar in-tree devref.

Work Items

  • Messaging service chapter
  • Generated configuration file tables


Now the conversation to RST is ongoing, so it would be better to get this in once that’s done.


Review by the Zaqar core team and contributors.

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