Resources docstrings improvements

Current Resources’ descriptions are poor. Description of any resource get from resource’s class docstring. So there is need to add docstring to resources, which have no description and fix existing relying on PEP rules.

Problem description

Current Resources’ descriptions are poor. It’s means that new users cannot open documentation, learn for what this or that resource is needed and begin to use it. They have to search native documentation of resources. So, documentation must contains summary information about each resource that orchestration uses.

Besides that, some docstrings have template example, also template displays in documentation, so there are two template’s entry for one resource. This situation should be fixed.

Proposed change

Solution of this problem includes next cases:

  1. Fix all existing docstrings relying on PEP rules. When this case will be done, need to remove ignorance of PEP8 rules in tox.ini file.

  2. Add docstrings of next resources:

    • OS::Barbican::* resources

    • OS::Ceilometer::* resources

    • OS::Cinder::Volume

    • OS::Cinder::VolumeAttachment

    • OS::Designate::* resources

    • OS::Heat::AccessPolicy

    • OS::Heat::AutoScalingGroup

    • OS::Heat::InstanceGroup

    • OS::Heat::SwiftSignal

    • OS::Heat::SwiftSignalHandle

    • OS::Heat::WaitCondition

    • OS::Heat::WaitConditionHandle

    • OS::Mistral::CronTrigger

    • OS::Mistral::Workflow

    • OS::Nova::FloatingIP

    • OS::Nova::FloatingIPAssociation

    • OS::Nova::Server

    • OS::Sahara::* resources

    • OS::Swift::Container

    • OS::Trove::Cluster

    • OS::Zaqar::Queue

  3. Expand/fix docstrings of next resources:

    • OS::Cinder::EncryptedVolumeType

    • OS::Cinder::VolumeType

    • OS::Glance::Image

    • OS::Heat::RandomString

    • OS::Heat::Stack

    • OS::Heat::ScalingPolicy

    • OS::Keystone::* resources

    • OS::Magnum::BayModel

    • OS::Manila::ShareNetwork

    • OS::Monasca::AlarmDefinition

    • OS::Monasca::Notification

    • OS::Neutron::* resources

    • OS::Nova::Flavor

    • OS::Nova::ServerGroup

    • OS::Trove::Instance

As additional issue, fix coding of internal templates, i.e. add tags for YAML code for colorization template.





Primary assignee:



Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Fix docstrings with PEP8 rules

  • Remove ignored rules from tox.ini

  • Add docstrings to Resource’s classes where they omitted

  • Improve and fix docstring where it needed

  • Fix coding of internal templates