Implement BlockDeviceMappings for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration

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We should support the BlockDeviceMappings for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration resource to be compatible with AWSCloudFormation. And therefore, user can specify volumes to attach to instances while AutoScalingGroup/InstanceGroup creation.

Problem description

Now in Heat, the AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration resource doesn’t implement ‘BlockDeviceMappings’ property to indicate the volumes to be attached. There are two problems:

1. First, it’s incompatible with AWSCloudFormation. In AWSCloudFormation, ‘BlockDeviceMappings’ support the ‘SnapshotId’, user can specify a snapshot, then a volume will be created from the snapshot, and the volume will be attached to the instance.

2. Second, user can’t specify volumes to be attached to instances which in AutoScalingGroup/InstanceGroup while creation.

So, we should support the ‘BlockDeviceMappings’ for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration.

Proposed change

  1. Implement ‘BlockDeviceMappings’ property for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration resource, specially in which user can specify the ‘SnapshotId’.





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Work Items

  1. Support the BlockDeviceMappings for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration resource

  2. Add UT/Tempest for the change

  3. Add a template for AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration with BlockDeviceMappings