OS::Nova::Server rich network property


Allowing port and floating IP association properties to be specified within a OS::Nova::Server works around issues with nova port management, provides users with a simpler way of implementing a common pattern, and allows more templates to be neutron/nova-networking agnostic.

Problem description

There are a number of issues with OS::Neutron::Port which are currently difficult to work around, including:

  1. On server delete Nova deletes all ports, even those which were created before the nova boot (https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1158684). This causes issues on a stack-update since the port underlying a given port resource may no longer exist once the server has been replaced.

  2. A port’s relationship with a server is exclusive, however a stack-update which replaces a server will have the old and new servers attempting to attach to the same port resource

  3. Two ports with the same fixed IP address cannot exist on the same network, so a stack-update which results in a port being replaced will fail unless the fixed IP address is changed too.

  4. OS::Neutron::Port has a top-level network property but the subnet is inside the fixed_ips property. If a network has multiple subnets and the port resource does not specify which subnet then neutron assigns the port to a non-deterministic subnet.

  5. Users can avoid the above problems if they don’t define an OS::Neutron::Port resource, but they must if they want to define a neutron floating IP association. Server+port+floating-ip is such a common pattern that users would benefit from being able to define all this in the server resource.

  6. Likewise any template which associates servers with floating IPs will only work on either a neutron or nova-networking OpenStack.

Proposed change

OS::Nova::Server has a networks property which allows a list of maps, where the map key is one of fixed_ip, network, port or uuid which map directly to nova boot nic options.

The proposed change is that new keys will be added to this map to support fully describing ports within the networks items. The server resource will take responsibility for creating and managing the port rather than allowing nova to create the port implicitly.

  • network existing key Name or UUID of network to create the nic on. Applies to neutron and nova-network.

  • fixed_ip existing key Optional fixed IP address to assign to the nic. Applies to neutron and nova-network.

  • subnet new key Name or UUID of neutron subnet to create the nic on. If specified then network is optional. If network is also specified then validation will confirm whether the subnet belongs to the network. Applies to neutron only.

  • floating_ip new key ID of the floating IP to assign to this networks entry. The value can be a ref from a OS::Neutron::FloatingIP or OS::Nova::FloatingIP. Or it can be provided a string from a parameter from an already existing floating IP. This property replaces OS::Neutron::FloatingIPAssociation and OS::Nova::FloatingIPAssociation so these resources which don’t represent real resources can be deprecated. Applies to neutron and nova-network.

  • port_extra_properties Map containing extra values to the neutron port creation which are not covered by the above or the derived properties. Applies to neutron only.

The implementation will be in the Server resource and will have different paths based on self.is_using_neutron.

Validation will be performed so that an error is raised if a value is set that is not supported by nova-networking.

Server create in the neutron path will do the following:

  • Limit the port to have at most one fixed_ip (neutron ports allow multiple fixed_ips). Users who require multiple fixed IPs can still create a full port resource.

  • Derive the security groups from the Server property security_groups. This means that all created ports will be assigned to the same list of security groups.

  • Derive the port name from the server name and the networks list position

  • Create a port based on the passed and derived properties, and add that port-id to the nova nics list.

  • Store the port-id for each created port in the resource data

Resource update in the neutron path will do the following:

  • Calculate which ports to update, which to create and which to delete

Resource delete in the neutron path will delete any ports stored in the resource data.

Special handling will be required for the following case:

  • A stack update results in server replacement, and

  • One of the networks items has specified a fixed_ip which doesn’t change

In this case the handle_delete of the old server and the handle_create of the new server will need to interact to allow the new port to be assigned the fixed_ip which is assigned to the old port. Assigning back to the old port may be required on rollback too.


An alternative is to wait for bug #1158684 to be fixed in Nova, and make any other necessary changes to OS::Neutron::Port and OS::Nova::Server to mitigate the items listed in the Problem description. (Items 4., 5. and 6. likely wouldn’t be addressed.



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