Digest Intrinsic Function


It would be useful to the user to have intrinsic functions to perform digest operations such as MD5 or SHA-512.

Problem description

Certain applications require the user to provide information in a hashed format (e.g. Chef user resources only take hashed passwords), so it would be useful to the user to be able to use an intrinsic function to do it for them.

Proposed change

Add another class to run existing digest algorithms (e.g. MD5, SHA-512, etc) on user provided data and expose it in the HOT functions list. The class would take the name of the digest algortihm and the value to be hashed.

Python’s hashlib natively supports md5, sha1 and sha2 (sha224, 256, 384, 512) on most platforms and this will be documented as being the supported list of algorithms. But the cloud provider may go beyond and support more algortihms as well, since, depending on the way Python was built, hashlib can also use algorithms supported by OpenSSL.



# raw string gravatar: { digest: [‘md5’, ‘sample@example.com’] }

# from a user supplied parameter pwd_hash: { digest: [‘sha512’, { get_param: raw_password }] }


There’s really no good alternative other than an intrinsic function for this.





Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Add class to perform digest operations;

  • Expose new class to HOT templates;

  • Update the docs;