Events pagination

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This adds support to the events index call for limit, marker, sort_keys and sort_dir query parameters, allowing users of the API to retrieve a subset of events.

Problem description

It is now highly probable that an event-list call could end up attempting to return hundreds of events(especially for AutoScalingGroup resources). At a certain point Heat starts responding with a 500 error because the response is too large.

Proposed change

We should support event pagination with limit and marker query parameters. And we should also support event sorting with sort_keys and sort_dir query parameters. It will make the use of more convenient for event-list.

  • limit: the number of events to list

  • marker: the ID of the last item in the previous page

  • sort_keys: an array of fields used to sort the list, ‘event_time’ or ‘resource_status’, default by ‘event_time’

  • sort_dir: the direction of the sort, ‘asc’ or ‘desc’, default is ‘desc’





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Work Items

  • Add support for pagination and sorting events

  • Add UT fot the pagination and sorting events

  • Add support for pagination and sorting events in python-heatclient

  • Write tempest api orchestration and scenario test to exercise events pagination