Convergence workflow for dealing with locked resources

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Problem description

When doing convergence with legacy resource plugins (which is all plugins in Phase 1 of convergence), we may encounter a resource that is locked for processing a previous update. We want to wait for this previous update to complete and retrigger another update with the latest template.

Proposed change

If the workflow encounters a resource that is locked by another engine, it should first check that the other engine is still alive, and if not then break the lock. Assuming the other engine is still working, the workflow should neither process that resource nor trigger processing any subsequent nodes. To ensure that processing of that graph node is retriggered once the previous update is complete, we must check at the conclusion of every update whether the traversal we are processing is still current.

Since SyncPoints belonging to previous traversals are deleted before beginning a new one, failing to find a SyncPoint in the database is sufficient to alert us of a potentially-waiting new traversal. If this occurs, reload the stack to determine the current traversal, and check the SyncPoint for the current node to determine if it is ready. If it is, then retrigger the current node with the appropriate data for the latest traversal (which can be found in the Stack table).

There is a race that could cause multiple triggers on the same graph node, however it will be resolved by the lock on the resource, since only the process that successfully acquires the lock will continue.

An exception to all of this is the case where the graph node is of the update type and the resource status is DELETE_IN_PROGRESS. In that case, we should simply create a replacement resource.





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Work Items

  • Bail out when we encounter a locked resource

  • Retrigger when required if a SyncPoint is not found

  • Replace a resource that is still needed but has the status DELETE_IN_PROGRESS

  • Create developer documentation