Heat-manage service list


Adds the ability to heat-manage command to list the running status of heat-engines deployed in a given cloud environment.

Problem description

In a given enterprise cloud environment, Heat to support horizontal scaling, multiple heat-engines will be deployed and executed. Once these engines are deployed on multiple hosts, there is no way an admin can find these heat engines details like

  • what is the node on which heat engine is running,

  • what is the running status of each engine.

  • How long the heat-engines are running successfully.

Proposed change

Heat already provides heat-manage command to take care of the database syncing and archiving. As part of this blue print, ‘service list’ is added to provide the following details:

  • Heat-engine node name

  • Heat-engine running status

  • Heat-engine host (message queue)

  • Heat-engine last updated time of running status.





Kanagaraj Manickam (kanagaraj-manickam)


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Add required db migration script to add the new table ‘Services’

  • Add ‘Service’ model in the sqlalchemy and required db api

  • Update the heat-engine service for updating the db at given periodic interval

  • Add ‘service list’ to heat.cmd.manage and it required help

  • Add heat service REST API as contrib (extension) api

  • Add heat service-list command in heat CLI

  • Add required test cases