Special form of get_attr which returns all attributes


Add new functionality for get_attr function which allows to return dict of all attributes.

Problem description

Current implementation of base attribute “show” returns JSON representation of resource. Content of this representation depends on particular resource. This output is also used in native clients for building output of command <client> <resource name>-show.

Historically some Heat resources have attributes schema with attributes taken from the output mentioned above. However it doesn’t mean, that all attributes in schema are presented in “show” output. It’s mostly related to dynamic attributes and custom attributes, which require additional calculations, e.g. “addresses” attribute of OS::Nova::Server that also contains related port id in output.

From the other side Heat also have resources with empty attribute schema, so only “show” attribute is available for them.

In some cases to avoid using several outputs in template it will be useful to return all attributes from attribute schema (excluding the base attribute “show”) in one output. This functionality should be added for get_attr intrinsic function.

Proposed change

Add some special form of get_attr as next:

{ get_attr: [resource_name] }

with no extra arguments, which will returns dict of all attributes’ outputs.

This behaviour of get_attr can be used only when the latest heat_template_version is selected, so this case should be noted in the documentation.





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Work Items

  • Add new functionality to get_attr

  • Add note to documentation about new functionality of get_attr