Heat Upgrade Tests


The new direction of the grenade project is to use devstack-style plugins to support upgrade testing. This spec aims to get upgrade testing infrastructure in Heat’s tree.

Problem description

Currently, there aren’t any tests that check if a patch in-review would break the upgrade of Heat from a previous release.

Some of the issues a deployer may face during or post upgrade are as follows:

  • The deployed database not successfully migrating to the newest schema.

  • Stacks created in an older release not updatable/deletable in new release. A change in the update/delete workflow may render existing stacks useless or be in an IN_PROGRESS state forever.

  • Physical resources disappearing when the control plane is taken down.

  • Configuration options removed prematurely without notice.

Proposed change

Get upgrade testing in-tree by using grenade’s external plugin mechanism. The upgrade tests should follow what grenade calls the Theory of Upgrade - https://github.com/openstack-dev/grenade#theory-of-upgrade

To ease developers writing upgrade tests, we will have (pre/during/post)-upgrade tox envs that will run tests respectively during the (pre/during/post)-upgrade phases in grenade.

As an example, the pre-upgrade phase will create stacks before an upgrade. The during-upgrade phase will check if the resources created by a stack are still alive even when heat’s services are down. The post-upgrade phase could update/delete these stacks to verify that those old stacks are still operable.

Once this infrastructure is in place, we should be able to add support for rolling upgrades of heat-engine with the help of the existing versioned objects mechanism in Heat. This will use Grenade’s partial-upgrade strategy similar to what is being done for Nova.





Primary assignee:



Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • In-tree grenade testing.

  • Project config changes to add voting grenade job.

  • Tag smoke tests in heat_integrationtests that must be run during the grenade sanity-check(verify) phase.

  • pre/during/post-env env sections in tox that will respectively invoke the tests before, during and after the upgrade of Heat.

  • Get devstack to use the system level heat binaries instead of the ones in the repository to emulate what a user would face when upgrading heat.

  • Add Upgrade Impact section to heat-specs.

  • Support rolling upgrade of heat-engine.


Grenade external plugin mechanism https://review.openstack.org/#/c/185050