Support Cinder API version 2

This specification proposes to add support for the second version of the Cinder API, which brings useful improvements and will soon replace version one.

Problem description

Currently Heat uses only version 1 of Cinder API to create volumes. Version two, however, brings useful features such as scheduler hints, more consistent responses, caching, filtering, etc.

Also, Cinder is deprecating API version 1 in favor of 2 [1], which has been available in devstack since Havana. Supporting both would make switching easier for users.

The new API provides [2]:

  • More consistent properties like ‘name’, ‘description’, etc.

  • New methods (set_metadata, promote, retype, set_bootable, etc.)

  • Additional options in existing methods (such as the use of scheduler hints).

  • Caching data between controllers instead of multiple database hits.

  • Filtering when listing information on volumes, snapshots and backups.

Use cases:

  • As a developer I want to be able to pass scheduler hints to Cinder when creating volumes, in order to choose back-ends more precisely.

  • As a deployer I don’t want to have to choose which Cinder API version to use. Let Heat autodiscover the latest and use it.

Proposed change

Add new methods to CinderClientPlugin:

  • discover_api_versions() To query Keystone for ‘volume’ and ‘volumev2’ services.

  • api_version() To get the Cinder API version currently used by Heat (this value will be set to latest available one).

The client returned by CinderClientPlugin._create() will be made depending on api_version().

Six cinderclient methods are currently used within Heat:

  • volumes.get(), volumes.extend(), backups.create() and restores.restore() that won’t be affected by this change;

  • volumes.create() and volume.update() that use arguments that differ depending on the Cinder API version: (display_name, display_description) for v1 and (name, description) for v2.

The proposed implementation will not change current OS::Cinder::Volume properties, since they already are ‘name’ and ‘description’ (as in new API version).


Wait for Cinder API v1 to be deprecated and switch abruptly to v2.



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Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Discover the latest Cinder API version using Keystone.

  • Create the correct Cinder client using the latest available API.

  • Use correct arguments for volumes.create() and volume.update() depending on the used API.