Implement SyncPoint DB table

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Problem description

As we traverse the dependency graph during an update, we need to keep a record of our progress so that we can resume the traversal later in case it is interrupted.

Proposed change

Add a new table, SyncPoint, to the database with the following rows:

  • resource_id (a Resource key)

  • is_update (Boolean - True for update, False for cleanup)

  • traversal_id (UUID)

  • stack_id (a Stack key)

  • input_data (JSON data)

The first three fields should form a composite primary key. That should allow us to do a quick get of a SyncPoint given a graph key (resource key + is_update direction) and traversal ID (i.e. without doing a query). The stack key together with the traversal ID allows us to query for all of the SyncPoints associated with a particular traversal (e.g. to delete them if the traversal is cancelled.)

The input data will contain a map of graph keys (resource key of the Resource that was current at the beginning of the update + is_update direction) to resource key (may be different if the resource was replaced), RefID and attribute data. Thus the input data pushed from previously-updated resources is cached until such time as the current resource is ready for it. This data will likely be serialised in JSON format, and could be quite large.

A prototype for this is

Updates to the input data must be atomic, and must use the “UPDATE … WHERE …” form discussed in - which probably means adding an extra integer field that is incremented on every write (since we can’t really query on a text field).





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Work Items

  • Implement the new table and DB migration

  • Implement an API for creating and updating entries