Move Parameter data storage from Stack to RawTemplate

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Problem description

The target state of a stack is not defined by a template alone, but by a combination of a template and an environment (including input parameter values). However, currently these are stored separately - there is a RawTemplate database table for templates, but the environment is stored in the Stack table.

In order to allow the user to roll back to a previous state, we need to store both the old template and the old environment.

Proposed change

Move the storage of the environment from the parameters column of the Stack table to the RawTemplate table. In this way, we can roll back to a previously commanded state whenever its template is still available in the database.

While we are at it, we should add an out-of-band indicator of whether the parameters are encrypted, since we know that encrypting the parameters in the database is something we will want to implement.

We can also consider storing the user parameters and other parts of the environment separately. The current design is a result of retrofitting the environment where previously we only had parameters. We should probably store the “files” section of the environment as a multipart-MIME document in a separate column, rather than as a JSON dict as part of the environment, since that is the format we want to allow in a future v2 API.


Instead of just storing multiple references to templates in the Stack table, we could also include multiple versions of the environment (e.g. have a previous_parameters or previous_environment row). This would save doing the migration now, but it would be messier and more error-prone to implement rollback in convergence.



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Work Items

  • Database migration

  • Change how environment data is loaded from the database