Use Zaqar for software-config metadata and signaling

Zaqar provides a simple messaging service which allows heat and orchestrated services to efficiently communicate with each other, which make it ideal for software-config metadata distribution and signaling

Problem description

There are a number of areas where having a messaging service like Zaqar available can benefit Heat. Two of these are:

  • Propagating server configuration metadata from heat to the servers

  • Signaling from servers to heat that a software configuration event has occurred, with associated data.

Like OS::Nova::Server software_config_transport:POLL_TEMP_URL this will stop servers from polling heat directly for metadata delivery which will improve heat scalability.

Proposed change

For OS::Nova::Server software_config_transport:ZAQAR_MESSAGE create a queue dedicated to publishing metadata changes from heat to one server. os-collect-config will need a collector which consumes messages from this queue.

For OS::Heat::SoftwareDeployment signal_transport:ZAQAR_MESSAGE create a queue dedicated to one server signalling configuration results to one deployment resource. heat-templates 55-heat-config will need to be modified to depend on python-zaqarclient and push to the queue if the required deploy input values indicate that a queue is configured.

Just like signal_transport:HEAT_SIGNAL and software_config_transport:POLL_SERVER_HEAT there will be a stack users created for the deployment and server resources and the credentials for those users will be given to the server. If and when Zaqar allows reading and writing messages to signed webhooks then we can consider switching to this so that it is not necessary to create the stack users.

signal_transport:AUTO will be modified so that ZAQAR_MESSAGE is the preferred method if there is a configured messaging endpoint.





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Work Items

  • Implement OS::Nova::Server software_config_transport:ZAQAR_MESSAGE

  • Implement OS::Heat::SoftwareDeployment signal_transport:ZAQAR_MESSAGE

  • Write a Zaqar collector for os-collect-config

  • Modify software-config os-refresh-config hook to use zaqar to push deployment signal data


python-zaqarclient will be added to heat/requirements.txt (this is already a requirement for the zaqar contrib resource)

python-zaqarclient will become a requirement in os-collect-config and the heat-templates heat-config element.

This could be done after blueprint software-config-trigger since that includes some refactoring which includes moving signal_transport logic from the resource to the deployments REST API.