Enhance Manage Service with service-stack


Retrieves IN_PROGRESS stacks being handled in the given heat-engine and vice-versa.

Problem description

In convergence mode, a given stack is being handled by one or more heat-engines and vice-versa. Later scenario is applicable for non-convergence mode as well. This will help operators to track the IN_PROGRESS stacks for the given heat-engine or vice-versa. And also useful for operator during troubleshooting issues.

Proposed change

To list the stacks for the given heat-engine:

Update stack-list command filter argument with additional parameter engine-id as follows:

stack-list -f engine-id <engine-id>

Here, stack-list already supports to provide filter parameters multiple times. So, user can filter stacks for multiple engines as well.

Corresponding REST API would be: GET on /v1/​{tenant_id}​/stacks?filter=engine_id:<engine-id>

Here, multiple engine-id could be provided with comma separated.

To list the heat-engines handing the given stack:

Update heat CLI with following additional parameters: service-list --stack-id <stack-id>

  • stack-id - to report the list of heat-engines handling the given stack.

Corresponding REST API would be: GET on /v1/​{tenant_id}​/services?filter=stack_id:<stack-id>

GET on /v1/<tenant-id>/services

Here, multiple stack-id could be provided with comma separated.

NOTE: This blueprint can be extented to provide IN_PROGRESS resources in a given heat-engine.





Primary assignee:

Kanagaraj Manickam (kanagaraj-manickam)


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • DB API changes:

    • Add new API ‘service_get_stacks_by’ with two parameters as described in the solution section.

  • Object changes:

    • Add corresponding changes for db api changes in the Service object methods

  • RPC API changes:

    • Add corresponding RPC API for the new DB API ‘service_get_stacks_by’

  • REST API changes:

    • Update ServiceController and StackController to handle the new REST APIs as defined in the solution section.

  • Heat CLI

    • Updated required CLI as defined in the solution section.

  • Heat-manage command:

    • Add the similar enhancement done in CLI, (this is required by admin, in case all heat-engines are down)

  • Add required test cases

  • Documentation:

    • update documentation for REST API, heat CLI and heat-manage tool

    • update CLI and API documents to mention that engine-id parameter is only for admin users.