Integrate os_tempest role with TripleO

Launchpad Blueprint:

Tempest provides a set of API and integrations tests with batteries included in order to validate the OpenStack Deployment. In TripleO project, we are working towards using a unified tempest role i.e. os_tempest provided by OpenStack Ansible project in TripleO CI in order to foster collaboration with multiple deployment tools and improve our testing strategies within OpenStack Community.

Problem Description

In the OpenStack Ecosystem, we have multiple ansible based deployment tools that use their own roles for install/configure and running tempest testing. Each of these roles is trying to do similar stuff tied to the different deployment tools. For example: validate-tempest ansible role on TripleO CI provides most of the stuff but it is tied with the TripleO deployment and provides some nice feature (Like: bugcheck, failed tests email notification, stackviz, python-tempestconf support for auto tempest.conf generation) which are missing in other roles. It is leading to duplication and reduces what tempest tests are not working across them, leading to no collaboration on the Testing side.

The OpenStack Ansible team provides os_tempest role for installing/ configuring/running tempest and post tempest results processing and there is a lot of duplication between their work and the roles used for testing by the various deployment tools.It almost provides most of the stuff provided by each of the deployment tool specific tempest roles. There are few stuffs which are missing can be added in the role and make it useable so that other deployment tools can consume it.

Proposed Change

Using unified os_tempest ansible role in TripleO CI will help to maintain one less role within TripleO project and help us to collaborate with openstack-ansible team in order to share/improve tests strategies across OpenStack ecosystem and solve tempest issues fastly.

In order to achieve that, we need:
  • Improve os_tempest role to add support for package/container install, python-tempestconf, stackviz, skip list, bugcheck, tempest log collection at the proper place.

  • Have a working CI job on standalone running tempest from os_tempest role as well as on OSA side.

  • Provide an easy migration path from validate-tempest role.


If we do not use the existing os_tempest role then we need to re-write the validate-tempest role which will result in again duplication and it will cost too much time and it also requires another set of efforts for adoption in the community which does not seems to feasible.

Security Impact


Upgrade Impact


Other End User Impact

We need to educate users for migrating to os_tempest.

Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact


Developer Impact

Helps more collaboration and improves testing.



Primary assignee:
  • Arx Cruz (arxcruz)

  • Chandan Kumar (chkumar246)

  • Martin Kopec (mkopec)

Work Items

  • Install tempest and it’s dependencies from Distro packages

  • Running tempest from containers

  • Enable stackviz

  • python-tempestconf support

  • skiplist management

  • Keeping all tempest related files at one place

  • Bugcheck

  • Standalone based TripleO CI job consuming os_tempest role

  • Migration path from validate-tempest to os_tempest role

  • Documentation update on How to use it

  • RDO packaging


Currently, os_tempest role depends on python_venv_build role when tempest is installed from source (git, pip, venv). We need to package it in RDO.


The unified tempest role os_tempest will replace validate-tempest role with much more improvements.

Documentation Impact

Documentation on how to consume os_tempest needs to be updated.