GUI: Import/Export Deployment Plan

Add two features to TripleO UI:

  • Import a deployment plan with a Mistral environment

  • Export a deployment plan with a Mistral environment


Problem Description

Right now, the UI only supports simple plan creation. The user needs to upload the plan files, make the environment selection and set the parameters. We want to add a plan import feature which would allow the user to import the plan together with a complete Mistral environment. This way the selection of the environment and parameters would be stored and automatically imported, without any need for manual configuration.

Conversely, we want to allow the user to export a plan together with a Mistral environment, using the UI.

Proposed Change


In order to identify the Mistral environment when importing a plan, I propose we use a JSON formatted file and name it ‘plan-environment.json’. This file should be uploaded to the Swift container together with the rest of the deployment plan files. The convention of calling the file with a fixed name is enough for it to be detected. Once this file is detected by the tripleo-common workflow handling the plan import, the workflow then creates (or updates) the Mistral environment using the file’s contents. In order to avoid possible future unintentional overwriting of environment, the workflow should delete this file once it has created (or updated) the Mistral environment with its contents.

Exporting the plan should consist of downloading all the plan files from the swift container, adding the plan-environment.json, and packing it all up in a tarball.


One alternative is what we have now, i.e. making the user perform all the environment configuration settings and parameter settings manually each time. This is obviously very tedious and the user experience suffers greatly as a result.

The alternative to deleting the plan-environment.json file upon its processing is to leave in the swift container and keep it in sync with all the updates that might happen thereafter. This can get very complicated and is entirely unnecessary, so deleting the file instead is a better choice.

Security Impact


Other End User Impact


Performance Impact

The import and export features will only be triggered on demand (user clicks on button, or similar), so they will have no performance impact on the rest of the application.

Other Deployer Impact


Developer Impact




Primary assignee:


Other contributors:

jtomasek d0ugal

Work Items

Note: We don’t need any additional UI (neither GUI nor CLI) for plan import - the existing GUI elements and CLI command for plan creation can be used for import as well.




The changes should be covered by unit tests in tripleo-ui, tripleo-common and python-tripleoclient.

Documentation Impact

User documentation should be enhanced by adding instructions on how these two features are to be used.