Tool to Capture Environment Status and Logs

To aid in troubleshooting, debugging, and reproducing issues we should create or integrate with a tool that allows an operator or developer to collect and generage a single bundle that provides the state and history of a deployed environment.

Problem Description

Currently there is no single command that can be run via either the tripleoclient or via the UI that will generage a single artifact to be used to report issues when failures occur.

  • tripleo-quickstart, tripleo-ci and operators collect the logs for bug reports in different ways.

  • When a failure occurs, many different peices of information must be collected to be able to understand where the failure occured. If the logs required are not asked for, an operator may not know to what to provide for troubleshooting.

Proposed Change


TripleO should provide a unified method for collecting status and logs from the undercloud and overcloud nodes. The tripleoclient should support executing a workflow to run status and log collection processes via sosreport. The output of the sosreport should be collected and bundled together in a single location.


Currently, various shell scripts and ansible tasks are used by the CI processes to perform log collection. These scripts are not maintained in combination with the core TripleO and may require additional artifacts that are not installed by default with a TripleO environment.

tripleo-quickstart uses ansible-role-tripleo-collect-logs to collect logs.

tripleo-ci uses bash scripts to collect the logs.

Fuel uses timmy.

Security Impact

The logs and status information may be considered sensitive information. The process to trigger status and logs should require authentication. Additionally we should provide a basic password protection mechanism for the bundle of logs that is created by this process.

Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact


Developer Impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Ensure OpenStack sosreport plugins are current.

  • Write a TripleO sosreport plugin.

  • Write a Mistral workflow to execute sosreport and collect artifacts.

  • Write python-tripleoclient integration to execute Mistral workflows.

  • Update documentation and CI scripts to leverage new collection method.




As part of CI testing, the new tool should be used to collect environment logs.

Documentation Impact

Documentation should be updated to reflect the standard ways to collect the logs using the tripleo client.