Expedited Approvals

In general, TripleO follows the standard “2 +2” review standard, but there are situations where we want to make an exception. This policy is intended to document those exceptions.

Problem Description

Core reviewer time is precious, and there is never enough of it. In some cases, requiring 2 +2’s on a patch is a waste of that core time, so we need to be reasonable about when to make exceptions. While core reviewers are always free to use their judgment about when to merge or not merge a patch, it can be helpful to list some specific situations where it is acceptable and even expected to approve a patch with a single +2.

Part of this information is already in the wiki, but the future of the wiki is in doubt and it’s better to put policies in a place that they can be reviewed anyway.


Single +2 Approvals

A core can and should approve patches without a second +2 under the following circumstances:

  • The change has multiple +2’s on previous patch sets, indicating an agreement from the other cores that the overall design is good, and any alterations to the patch since those +2’s must be minor implementation details only - trivial rebases, minor syntax changes, or comment/documentation changes.

  • Backports proposed by another core reviewer. Backports should already have been reviewed for design when they merged to master, so if two cores agree that the backport is good (one by proposing, the other by reviewing), they can be merged with a single +2 review.

  • Requirements updates proposed by the bot.

  • Translation updates proposed by the bot. (See also reviewing translation imports.)

Co-author +2

Co-authors on a patch are allowed to +2 that patch, but at least one +2 from a core not listed as a co-author is required to merge the patch. For example, if core A pushes a patch with cores B and C as a co-authors, core B and core C are both allowed to +2 that patch, but another core is required to +2 before the patch can be merged.


It is acceptable for a core to self-approve a patch they submitted if it has the requisite 2 +2’s and a CI pass. However, this should not be done if there is any dispute about the patch, such as on a change with 2 +2’s and an unresolved -1.

Note on CI

This policy does not affect CI requirements. Patches must still pass CI before merging.

Alternatives & History

This policy has been in effect for a while now, but not every TripleO core is aware of it, so it is simply being written down in an official location for reference.



Primary author:



The policy is already in effect.

Work Items

Ensure all cores are aware of the policy. Once the policy has merged, an email should be sent to openstack-dev referring to it.


Existing wiki on review guidelines: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TripleO/ReviewGuidelines

Previous spec that implemented some of this policy: https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/tripleo-specs/specs/kilo/tripleo-review-standards.html

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