UI Automation Testing


We would like to introduce a suite of automated integration tests for the TripleO UI. This will prevent regressions, and will lead to more stable software.

Problem Description

At the moment, upstream CI only tests for lint errors, and runs our unit tests. We’d like to add more integration tests for tripleo-ui to the CI pipeline. This will include a selenium-based approach. This allows us to simulate a browser by using a headless browser when running in CI, and we can detect a lot more problems than we ever could with just unit testing.

Proposed Change


We would like write a Tempest plugin for tripleo-ui which uses Selenium to drive a headless browser to execute the tests. We chose Tempest because it’s a standard in OpenStack, and gives us nice error reporting.

We already have the tempest-tripleo-ui project set up.

We plan to write a CI job to run our code in Tempest. In the initial implementation, this will only cover checking for presence of certain UI elements, and no deployments will actually be run.


The alternative is that we do all of our testing manually, waste time, have lower velocity, and have more bugs.

Security Impact

The security impact of this is minimal as it’s CI-specific, and not user-facing.

Other End User Impact

End users won’t interact with this feature.

Performance Impact

This feature will only consume CI resources. There should be no negative resource impact on the End User.

Other Deployer Impact

Our goal is to produce software that is more stable. But we’re not changing any features, per se.

Developer Impact

Developers will gain a higher degree of confidence in their software.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:

ukalifon akrivoka

Work Items

  • Write Selenium tests

  • Write Tempest plugin code to run Selenium tests

  • Write a new openstack-infra job to run the Tempest plugin on check and gate. At first, this will be a simple sanity job to make sure that the UI has been rendered. The CI job won’t run a deployment.


  • Tempest

  • Selenium


This is a bit meta.

Documentation Impact

We will document how a developer who is new to the tripleo-ui project can get started with writing new integration tests.


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