A unified tool for upgrading TripleO based deploments


In order to avoid work duplication and automation code being out of sync with the official documentation we would like to create a single repository hosting the upgrade automation code that can be run on top of deployments done with various tools.

Problem Description

Currently automation code for TripleO upgrades is spread across several repositories and it is tightly coupled with the framework being used for deployment, e.g. tripleo- quickstart or Infrared.

Proposed Change


Our proposal is to decouple the upgrade automation code and make it deployment tool agnostic. This way it could be consumed in different scenarios such as CI, automated or manual testing.


For the previous releases the automation code has been hosted in diffrent repositories such as tripleo-quickstart-extras, infrared or private repos. This is not convenient as they all cover basically the same workflow so we are duplicating work. We would like to avoid this and collaborate on a single repository.

Security Impact


Other End User Impact

This tool allows the users to run the TripleO upgrade in an automated fashion or semi-automatic by creating scripts for each upgrade step which can be later run manually by the user.

Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact


Developer Impact

This tools helps developers by providing a quick way to run TripleO upgrades. This could be useful when reproducing and debugging reported issues.



Primary assignee:

matbu, mcornea

Work Items


  • ansible


Documentation Impact