Support Barometer(Software Fastpath Service Quality Metrics) Service

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The scope of the [Barometer] project is to provide interfaces to support monitoring of the NFVI. The project has plugins for telemetry frameworks to enable the collection of platform stats and events and relay gathered information to fault management applications or the VIM. The scope is limited to collecting/gathering the events and stats and relaying them to a relevant endpoint.

The consumption of performance and traffic-related information/events provided by this project should be a logical extension of any existing VNF/NFVI monitoring framework.

Problem Description

Integration of Barometer in TripleO is a benefit for building the OPNFV platform. The Barometer project is complementary to the Doctor project to build the fault management framework with [Apex_Installer] installer which is an OPNFV installation and deployment tool based on TripleO.

Proposed Change


This spec proposes changes to automate the deployment of Barometer using TripleO.

  • Add puppet-barometer package to the overcloud-full image.

  • Define Barometer Service in THT.

  • Add how and when to deploy Barometer in puppet-tripleo.



Security Impact


Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact

Barometer service is default disabled in a Deployment. Need to enable it if deployer wants to use it.

Developer Impact




Primary assignee:

Akhila Kishore <>

Work Items

As outlined in the proposed changes.


The Barometer RPM package must be in RDO repo.


Add the test for CI scenarios.

Documentation Impact

The setup and configuration of the Barometer service should be documented.