Network configuration

Network configuration for the TripleO GUI

Problem Description

Currently, it’s not possible to make advanced network configurations using the TripleO GUI.

Proposed Change


In the GUI, we will provide a wizard to guide the user through configuring the networks of their deployment. The user will be able to assign networks to roles, and configure additional network parameters. We will use the network_data.yaml in the TripleO Heat Templates. The idea is to expose the data in network_data.yaml via the web interface.

In addition to the wizard, we will implement a dynamic network topology diagram to visually present the configured networks. This will enable the Deployer to quickly validate their work. The diagram will rely on network_data.yaml and roles_data.yaml for the actual configuration.

For details, please see the wireframes.


As an alternative, heat templates can be edited manually to allow customization before uploading.

Security Impact

The Deployer could accidentally misconfigure the network topology, and thereby cause data to be exposed.

Other End User Impact

Performance Impact

The addition of the configuration wizard and the network topology diagram should have no performance impact on the amount of time needed to run a deployment.

Other Deployer Impact

Developer Impact

As with any new substantial feature, the impact on the developer is cognitive. We will have to gain a detail understanding of network configuration in network_data.yaml. Also, testing will add overhead on our efforts.


We can proceed with implementation immediately.


Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Network configuration wizard - Reading data from the backend - Saving changes - UI based on wireframes

  • Network topology diagram - Investigate suitable javascript libraries - UI based on wireframes


  • The presence of roles_data.yaml and network_data.yaml in the plan

  • A javascript library for drawing the diagram


Testing shouldn’t pose any real challenges with the exception of the network topology diagram rendering. At best, this is currently unknown as it depends on the chosen javascript library. Verifying that the correct diagram is displayed using automated testing might be non-trivial.

Documentation Impact

We should document the new settings introduced by the wizard. The documentation should be transferable between the heat template project, and TripleO UI.