Add notification for administrative service status change

Today external system cannot get notification based information about the nova service status. Nova service status can be changed administratively via os-services/disable API.

Having such a notification helps to measure the length of maintenance windows or indirectly notify users about maintenance actions that possibly effect the operation of the infrastructure.

Problem description

Use Cases

Deployer wants to measure the time certain nova services were disable administratively due to troubleshooting or maintenance actions as this information might be part of the agreement between Deployer and End User.

Deployer wants to measure the time certain nova services was forced down due to an externally detected error as this information might be part of the agreement between Deployer and End User.

Proposed change

An easy solution for the problem above is to add oslo.messaging notification for the following actions:

  • /v2/{tenant_id}/os-services/disable

  • /v2/{tenant_id}/os-services/enable

  • /v2/{tenant_id}/os-services/disable-log-reason

  • /v2/{tenant_id}/os-service/force-down

Then ceilometer can receive these notifications and the length of the maintenance window can be calculated via ceilometer queries.

Alternatively other third party tools like StackTach can receive the new notifications via AMQP.


The only alternative is to poll /v2/{tenant_id}/os-services/ API periodically however it means slower information flow and creates load on the nova API and DB services.

Data model impact

No database schema change is foreseen.

The following new objects will be added to nova:

class ServiceStatusNotification(notification.NotificationBase):
    # Version 1.0: Initial version
    VERSION = '1.0'
    fields = {
        'payload': fields.ObjectField('ServiceStatusPayload')

class ServiceStatusPayload(base.NovaObject):
    # Version 1.0: Initial version
    VERSION = '1.0'
    fields = {
        'service': fields.ObjectField('Service')

The definition of NotificationBase can be found in the Versioned notification spec [3].

REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact

A new notification service.status.update will be introduced with INFO priority and the payload of the notification will be the serialized form of the already existing Service versioned object. This notification will be the first that uses versioned object as a payload but there is an initiative to use versioned objects as notification payload for every nova notification [3]. This new notification will not support emitting legacy format.

During the implementation of this spec we will provide the minimum infrastructure to emit versioned notification based on [3] but all the advanced things like sample and doc generation will be done during the implementation [3].

For example after the following API call:

PUT /v2/{tenant_id}/os-services/disable-log-reason
    {"host": "Devstack",
     "binary": "nova-compute",
     "disabled_reason": "my reason"}

The notification would contain the following payload:

                 "id": 1,
                 "host": "Devstack"
                 "binary": "nova-compute",
                 "topic": "compute",
                 "report_count": 32011,
                 "disabled": true,
                 "disabled_reason": "my reason,
                 "availability_zone": "nova",
                 "last_seen_up": "2015-10-15 07:29:13",
                 "forced_down": false,
                 "version": 2,

Please note that the compute_node field will not be serialized into the notification payload as that will bring in a lot of additional data not needed here.

Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Send a new notification if the disabled disabled_reson or forced_down field of the Service object is updated


This work is part of the Versioned notification API [3] work. But it is not directly depends on it. On the summit we agreed to add this new notification as the first step of the versioned notification api work to serve us as a carrot motivating the operators to start consuming new versioned notifications.


Besides unit test new functional test cases will be added to cover the new notification

Documentation Impact



[1] This idea has already been discussed on ML

[2] This work is related to but not depends on the bp mark-host-down

[3] Versioned notification spec



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