Mitaka Project Priorities

List of themes (in the form of use cases) the nova development team is prioritizing in Mitaka (in no particular order).


Primary Contacts

Cells V2

Andrew Laski

V2.1 API

Alex Xu, Sean Dague


Sylvain Bauza, Jay Pipes


Daniel Berrange, Jay Pipes

Live Migrate

Paul Murray

Cells v2

We started the cells v2 effort in Kilo.

During Mitaka we are focusing on making the default setup a single cells v2 deployment.

In the N release, we hope to have support for multiple cells in a cells v2 deployment, including a way to migrate existing cells v1 deployments to cells v2.

V2.1 API

In Liberty, by default we now enable v2.1 for all API endpoints.

In Mitaka, we are going to focus on documenting the API, and work on items that support the improved Service Catalog efforts.


During Kilo we made much progress on cleaning up the interface between the scheduler and the rest of Nova. In Liberty we added the request spec object.

In Mitaka we hope to complete the work around request spec and resource objects. We also want to start looking at the service group API, and more work on the resource tracker.


We plan to create a library that will contain all the VIF drivers, to make it easer for Nova and the Neutron Stadium to work together. It will also include creating a strong interface between Nova and Neutron.

Note: this is dependent on the PrivSep work that is being done to help os-brick. That work is included in this priority due to the dependency.

Live Migrate

Live Migrate currently has a lot of stability issues. Based on the experiences of operators trying to use live migrate, lets look at making live migrate more useful for those operators.

This will include both improving the test coverage around live-migrate, and ensuring we document how to make best use of live migrate in production.