Stein Project Priorities

Last cycle, we used only review runways to capture priorities at any given time throughout the cycle. We discussed it at the Project Team Gathering (PTG) during the Rocky retrospective and determined that while runways were overall a good process for focusing our review efforts, they were not sufficient in conveying any overall priorities or themes we were trying to accomplish over the cycle as a team.

So, this cycle, we came up with a set of user-facing themes at the PTG, for ourselves to refer to throughout the cycle and help us to organize our work and review outside of runways. Themes are not meant to preempt anything in review runways.

The user-facing themes for this cycle are:

  • Compute nodes capable to upgrade and exist with nested resource providers for multiple GPU types

  • Multi-cell operational enhancements: resilience to “down” or poor-performing cells and cross-cell instance resize

  • Volume-backed user experience and API hardening: ability to specify volume type during boot-from-volume, detach/attach of root volume, and volume-backed rebuild

These are the user-visible features and functionality we aim to deliver and we will keep tabs on these efforts throughout the cycle to keep them making progress.