Pike Project Priorities

List of efforts the Nova development team is prioritizing for reviews in the Pike release (in no particular order).


Primary Contacts

Cells V2

Dan Smith Melanie Witt


Jay Pipes Sylvain Bauza Chris Dent Ed Leafe Alex Xu

Integrate Cinder 3.27

John Garbutt Matt Riedemann

Run API under WSGi (Community Goal)

Chris Dent Sean Dague

Support Python 3.5 (Community Goal)

ChangBo Guo

Cells v2

A single-cell cells v2 deployment was made required in the Ocata release.

In Pike, the goal is to support multiple cells v2 cells in a deployment. There are several priority efforts to get us there.

  • Cells-aware API: Many of the nova-api entry points will not know about cells properly to pass their operations through to the appropriate connection so we need to make them cell-aware.

  • Quotas in the API cell: The quotas tables have moved to the API database but we want to avoid an ‘up-call’ from the compute cells to the API when handling quota commits and rollbacks. With cells v2 we have an opportunity to rethink how Nova supports counting resources and tracking quota, so this effort aims to move quota handling to a more simplified solution which is more eventually consistent and avoids invalid over-quota failures by design.

  • Support a simple python merge operation when sorting and/or filtering a list of instances across multiple cells. Long-term this may be handled by Searchlight but for Pike we will have a simple but albeit less performant solution.

  • Continuous integration testing of multiple cells v2 cells with a multi-node job.


Move operations across cells, such as live migration, will not be supported in the Pike release, but may be a focus for a future release.


The Placement service was made required in the Ocata release.

In Pike, the goals focus on expanding the capabilities of the Placement service and leverage those to fix some long-standing architectural issues within Nova.

  • Resource provider traits: This allows modeling of qualitative information about resource providers. For example, in Ocata we know quantitative information about a resource provider, such as how much DISK_GB inventory it has. Traits allow the system to model the type of disk, e.g. HDD or SDD. Traits will also be used to model resource provider aggregate relationships for things like shared storage pools.

  • Custom resource classes: This is continuing work from Ocata to have the Ironic compute driver provide Ironic node resource class information to the placement service which will eventually be used for scheduling decisions.

  • Claim resources during scheduling: This is a refactor to move resource claims out of the compute service ResourceTracker and into the controller service(s) during scheduling which should drastically reduce build retries due to resource contention in a pack-oriented scheduling configuration. This is also needed to avoid ‘up-calls’ from computes to controller services in a multi-cell deployment.

  • Handle aggregate resources: This is continuing work from Ocata where we need to be able to model resource provider aggregates for things like shared storage and IP allocation pools. Then the resource tracker in the compute nodes can pull this information from the placement service when a request is made for shared storage in a compute node within a particular aggregate. The allocation claim is then made on the resource provider rather than the compute node.

Integrate Cinder 3.27

In Ocata, Cinder provided the 3.27 microversion. In Pike, Nova will use the 3.27 API to attach and detach volumes. This is an effort to reduce technical debt and state management between both the Nova and Cinder projects by abstracting volume attachment state information in Cinder where it belongs. This is also a pre-requisite to support attaching multiple instances to the same volume, which will likely be a priority in a future release.

Run API under WSGi (Community Goal)

This is a community-wide release goal for Pike. The goal for Nova is to support, and test, running nova-api under WSGI.

Support Python 3.5 (Community Goal)

This is a community-wide release goal for Pike. The goal for Nova is to support, and test, running with python 3.5.