Adding new nova-manage cmd to list compute node metrics

We need a way to list the available metrics stored in the DB which is reported by the compute monitor plugins, so the administrator can easily configure the scheduler’s MetricWeigher settings.

Problem description

With the Icehouse blueprint implementation, now various monitor plug-ins can be configured to report hypervisor metrics periodically. These metrics could be used in scheduling process through the MetricsWeigher configured by the administrator.

When the administrator wants to configure the settings for MetricsWeigher, he/she need to know the exact metrics to make the settings working properly. Currently, we don’t have a way to let the administrator know what metrics are available unless asking the administrator to look at the monitor plug-ins code or looking in certain DB tables.

We need a way to list the available metrics currently reported by the nova compute monitors and stored in the DB, so the administrator can configure the MetricWeigher much more easily.

Use Cases

The Administrator will use this way to list all the available metric names, in order to configure the MetricsWeigher to work as expected.

Proposed change

A new nova-manage command will be added:

nova-manage host_metric [--host=<host>] { list | show }

This command will load the information from nova DB about all the available compute node metrics stored there. The ‘list’ action will list all the available compute node metrics name, and the ‘show’ action will show all the details of each metric.


One alternative is to add a new method in nova.compute.monitors.base.MonitorBase class that would return a list of the metric names that each plugin supports.

A new top-level REST API resource will be added, it simply lists the metric names which are returned by the new method mentioned above:

GET /v2.1/host-metrics

A array ‘metrics’ will be returned in the response of this API, listing all the metrics names. The response will looks like:

200 OK
    "host_metrics": [

This new API by default is admin only.

Another alternative is to extend the current os-hypervisors API extension which list all the information about the compute node hypervisor. It pulls the information from the DB, but it ignores the metrics related information.

We need to modified the os-hypervisors API extension to list the metrics of each compute node hypervisor through the following restful API call:

GET /v2.1/os-hypervisors/{hypervisor_id}/metrics

The above API would query the DB and return the metrics stored in the DB for the specified compute node hypervisor.

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Work Items

  • add new nova-manage command



New unit test cases will be added.

Documentation Impact

The admin configuration documentation need to be updated.