Add nova-manage db purge-deleted-instances

Until we have automated DB archival or Purge soft deleted rows we should have a way to purge soft deleted instances from the database along with their related meta tables like instance_metadata, instance_system_metadata, instance_info_cache, instance_extra, tags, etc. basically whatever shows up in nova.objects.Instance.INSTANCE_OPTIONAL_ATTRS where there is a backref to instances in the data model.

Problem description

Lots of deployments already have a set of tools/scripts that already do something like this but they have to go directly into the nova database to do it. With a nova-manage db command we can at least ship it with the code and test it until better solutions are implemented, like the aforementioned archive or no more soft delete specs.

Use Cases

As a cloud operator, I want to manage the size of my database by purging soft deleted instances - and I don’t care about archiving to shadow tables.

Proposed change

Write a command which would be similar to the nova-manage db null-instance-uuid-scan command [1] which finds all instances records where deleted != 0 along with those related backref table records (foreign keys back to the instances table) and deletes them all (the purge). The list of tables would be via whitelist.


The command is scanning for instances.deleted != 0, not the actual SOFT_DELETED vm_state which is checked with the reclaim_instance_interval configuration option in the _reclaim_queued_deletes periodic task. [2]

There will be a --dry option for just dumping what is found but does not actually delete anything.

There will be an --older-than option for limiting how far back, in days, a deleted instance was deleted (based on the deleted_at column) before it’s removed. By default this would be 90 days.

The help text on the command will have a warning mentioning the risks of running the command and actually deleting data so people should be aware of what they are doing.

Until we have alternatives for better archive capability with the option to hard-delete and/or we remove support for the SoftDeleteMixin from the data model so that delete actually does a hard-delete, this is meant to be a temporary command. Having said that, depending on how useful this is and what comes in the future, this may live in the tree for a long time.

Whitelist of impacted tables:

  • block_device_mapping

  • consoles

  • instances

  • instance_actions_events

  • instance_actions

  • instance_extra

  • instance_faults

  • instance_info_cache

  • instance_metadata

  • instance_system_metadata

  • migrations

  • pci_devices

  • security_group_instance_association

  • tags

  • virtual_interfaces


  • The fixed_ips table is not included since instances are associated to fixed_ips based on lease/release operations with nova-network and the ForeignKeyConstraint should only hold up while the instance is not (soft) deleted. [3]

  • The security_groups table is not included since a security group can apply to multiple instances.


Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

The nova-manage command is only available to admins. Obviously any entry point to deleting data permanently is dangerous but this spec assumes the deployer has taken the necessary security precautions to lock down access to the nova-manage command already.

Purging deleted rows also impacts the ability to perform audits.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

There could be some impact when doing a large purge, so as part of the command implementation there will be a --max-number option like the nova-manage db migrate_flavor_data command. [4]

Other deployer impact


Developer impact

If new tables are added which have a backref to the instances table and use the SoftDeleteMixin in the data model, they should consider registering with the nova-manage db purge-delete-instances command.



Primary assignee:

Other contributors:

Work Items

  • Add the command to nova.cmd.manage.DbCommands.

  • ?

  • Profit!




  • Functional testing within the nova code tree should be sufficient.

  • Test scenarios would include:

    • Create an instance record with related backref tables (metadata, system_metadata, info_cache, tags, etc), delete the instance (instances.deleted != 0), run the purge command, verify that the record is gone from the instances table and the related backref table records are also deleted.

    • Set an instance.vm_state to ‘SOFT_DELETED’ and instance.deleted=0, run the purge command, verify that the record is still in the instances table.

Documentation Impact

  • Release notes and nova-manage db command --help text as usual.




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