Add os-win dependency

Hyper-V is involved in many of OpenStack components (nova, neutron, cinder, ceilometer, etc.) and will be involved with other components in the future.

A common library has been created, named os-win, in order to reduce the code duplication between all these components (utils classes, which interacts directly with Hyper-V through WMI), making it easier to maintain, review and propose new changes to current and future components.

Problem description

There are many Hyper-V utils modules duplicated across several projects, which can be refactored into os-win, reducing the code duplication and making it easier to maintain. Plus, the review process will be simplified, as reviewers won’t have to review Hyper-V related code, in which not everyone is proficient.

Use Cases

This blueprint impacts Developers and Reviewers.

Developers will be able to submit Hyper-V related commits directly to os-win.

Reviewers will not have to review low level Hyper-V related code. Thus, the amount of code that needs to be reviewed will be reduced by approximately 50%.

Proposed change

In order to implement this blueprint, minimal changes are necessary, as the behaviour will stay the same.

The primary changes that needs to be done on nova are as follows:

  • add os-win in requirements.txt

  • replace nova.virt.hyperv.vmutils.HyperVException references to os_win.HyperVException

  • replace all nova.virt.hyperv.utilsfactory imports used by the HyperVDriver with os_win.utilsfactory

  • remove all utils modules and their unit tests in nova.virt.hyperv, since they will no longer be used.

  • other trivial changes, which are to be seen in the implementation.

Changes that needs to be done on other projects:

  • add os-win in global-requirements.txt [1]


Originally, os-win was planned to be part of Oslo, it was suggested that os-win should be a standalone project, as otherwise the Oslo team would also have to maintain in and there aren’t many / anyone that specializes in Windows / Hyper-V related code.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

os-win dependency will have to be installed in order for the HyperVDriver to be used.

Developer impact

In a typical scenario, a blueprint implementation for the Hyper-V Driver will require 2 parts:

  • os-win commit, adding Hyper-V related utils required in order to implement the blueprint.

  • nova commit, implementing the blueprint and using the changes made in os-win.

If a nova commit requires a newer version of os-win, the patch to global-requirements should be referenced with Depends-On in the commit message.

For bugfixes, there are chances that they require 2 patches: one for nova and one for os-win. The backported bugfix must be a squashed version of the 2 patches, referencing both commit IDs in the commit message:

(cherry picked from commit <nova-commit-id>)
(cherry picked from commit <os-win-commit-id)

If the bugfix requires only one patch to either project, backporting will proceed as before.



Primary assignee:

Claudiu Belu <>

Other contributors:

Lucian Petrut <>

Work Items

As described in the Proposed change section.


Adds os-win library as a dependency.


  • Unit tests

  • Hyper-V CI

Documentation Impact

The Hyper-V documentation page [3] will have to be updated to include os-win as a dependency.


[1] os-win added to global-requirements.txt:

[2] os-win repository:

[3] Hyper-V virtualization platform documentation page:


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