Libvirt: Support for attaching volumes located on Virtuozzo Storage

Currently, there are Libvirt volume drivers that support network-attached file systems such as Gluster, NFS or SMB. The purpose of this blueprint is to add ability to attach volumes hosted by Virtuozzo Storage.

Problem description

Virtuozzo Storage is a fault-tolerant distributed storage system, optimized for virtualization workloads. From client’s point of view it looks like network attached storage (NFS or GlusterFS).

Virtuozzo Storage allows to use disk space of conventional linux systems to provide fault-tolerant storage with automatic recovery. It’s optimized for performance of virtualization workloads and has strong data consistency.

Use Cases

Deployer will be able to attach block storage exported in the form of virtual disks on Virtuozzo Storage to instances.

Proposed change

A new volume driver will be added in order to support attaching volumes located on Virtuozzo Storage. The volume driver will have a similar workflow as NFS and SMBFS volume drivers have.

The CI system will be running on Nova tree and checking each Nova patch with Virtozzo Storage. The CI aims to eventually vote on every relevant Nova patchset



Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

The share credentials will be parsed in the volume connection info and used when mounting a Virtuozzo Storage cluster.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

The deployer will be able to configure the path where the Virtuoozo Storage clusters will be mounted, as well as setting mount flags.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

Add support for mounting Virtuozzo Storage clusters.




This feature should be tested using the Virtuozzo Storage Cinder Volume driver. The existing Tempest tests along with the according unit tests should be enough for the moment in order to test this.

While a CI is being considered, for the moment Tempest tests will be run periodically for this scenario.

Documentation Impact

Using the Virtuozzo Storage backend will be documented.


Cinder Virtuozzo Storage Driver blueprint: